Nick on the bike 2005: Oregon to Virginia
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Day 59: Doin' not much in Blacksburg
September 11, 2005, 6:25 PM
Where am I now: Blacksburg, Virginia (37.21087N by 80.40751W at 2166 ft.)
Today's distance: not much

Today's been a day of hanging out, talking with friends, eating, napping, with a wonderful interlude on the New River that involved dogs, swimming, a bit of paddling, and a longer interval of fair drifting with the current. It was a very low energy canoe trip, just right, two canoes, Llyn & I were joined by friends Dan & Pam, who had also joined us for a sumptuous breakfast.

Back at Llyn's place it seems there's been a stream of passers by who saw BOB & the bike outside, I've done a lot of talking about the trip, can't keep track of what I've told to whom, so I probably repeat myself half the time.

The neatest visit was from one of my old professors, Dr. Wally Lowry, long retired, who lives across the street. Being a geologist, and a displaced Oregonian, he made me drag out Llyn's map atlas of the USA, and go through the whole trip state by state. He'd been to many of the places I went through over his long career. It was really special being able to spend some time with him.

Tomorrow I need to do some errands in Blacksburg, then I'll embark on the final leg. I figure I'm parts of three days and 2 nights out.

For those considering joining me for some part of the ride in, I'm figuring I'll be camping somewhere around Troutville or Buchanan Monday night. Tuesday I'm thinking about riding up Irish Creek (Rt 603) from South River up to the BRP rather than going up 56 from Vesuvius. Then I'd like to camp on the mountain some place. I'm thinking Bald Mountain, I think that's what it's called. It's off the parkway up a forest service road that takes off to the northeast at the top of the long climb (southbound) that goes past 20 minute cliff overlook. The road is FS162, the one that goes over past Green Pond to Big Levels, and comes out down on the Coal Road. There used to be a lookout tower up where I'd camp. I'm thinking the road takes off around milepost 22 or 23. There's no water up there, primitive camping. I've spent a night or two up there, usually headed to or from Blacksburg on the motorcycle or in the truck.

Wednesday if all goes according to plan I'll ride in from there. BRP to Afton, Cookie Lady, Newtown Road, White Hall, Millington, Free Union, Advance Mills & HOME.

I'll post again Monday evening with an update, y'all are welcome to camp and or ride with me if you can work the logistics out. On Wednesday I don't see as I'd be getting to Afton much before lunch time. Maybe my buddy Chip in Wintergreen will bring me some lunch at one of the overlooks that way. Otherwise I might have to go down to Waynesboro and find out where all the pickup trucks are parked at lunchtime.